Joey Bada$$ Reacts To Kanye West's "Lift Yourself" In New Tour Vlog


Joey Bada$$ continues to live the dream. Currently in the midst the Amerikkkana Tour, which has taken him and the Pro Era collective across the United States, Joey Bada$$ has delivered the second installment his behind-the-scenes mini-documentary. While the first chapter revealed that Badmon was indeed cultivating a new album, the second chapter features some as–yet-unreleased music; could it be that we’re getting our first look at the upcoming project? 

At around the 12:43 mark, Joey Bada$$ documents his reaction to the Kanye West’s “Lift Off.” After alluding to Kanye’s Ebro-directed promise “bars,” Joey watches the bizarre instrumental unfold with a perplexed expression. Once the infamous (and perhaps iconic) “poopidy-scoop” line hits, he falls back in a fit unrestrained glee. He proceeds to lure his homies in with a false set expectations. It’s not an entirely unfamiliar scene, given the fact that we’ve all lived through it. 

For what it’s worth, it’s cool to see Joey Bada$$ out there doing his thing. He remains one the more charismatic young rappers in the game, and you’ve gotta respect the dedication he has toward his craft. Hopefully he continues to document his tour as it continues; a little bit extra character development is always welcome.