Joey Bada$$ Adds His Voice To The "King Of New York" Conversation


The royal court is in session. Discourse “King Of New York” has been buzzing since Tekashi 6ix9ine seized the title for himself. Yet Tywin Lannister from Game Of Thrones wisely proclaimed “any man who must say ‘I am the king’ is no true king.” At this point, Tekashi’s claims can’t help but feel like another ploy to keep his name on people’s minds, but the notion does raise an interesting question. Is there any merit to Tekashi’s self-appointed status? After all, it’s hard to deny that he’s currently the most buzzing artist (with the expection perhaps Cardi B). Yet compared to the kings old, his artistic accomplishments simply pale in comparison. 

Still, his raw, aggressive raps have resonated with a mass audience, and many are quick to deem Tekashi as a rainbow-headed voice the youth. Naturally, his constant claims hip-hop royalty were bound to stir up competition in his fellow New Yorkers, and the talented Joey Bada$$ recently weighed in on the discourse. Without naming Tekashi directly, he took to his Instagram story to quietly boast his own accomplishments. 

“All that king talk is cool and all but I just made 100+ racks yesterday f features,” writes Joey. “Another quarter mil f ghostwriting. Another 120k f an endorsement (front end). Not to mention the half a mil I brought in from touring about a month ago, plus I’m going on tour AGAIN in April. Plus another 300k in royalties coming in this month…Sheesh and that’s just the first quarter.”

Throw in the fact that he’s already got a deep catalog at the young age 23, perhaps we’re looking at a low key contender. After all, out all the young New York emcees, Joey’s discography is already trending upward. From the look it, the man is putting numbers on the board. What do you think?