Joel Embiid & Karl-Anthony Towns Trade Shots On Twitter After Massive Fight


Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns have a bit of history when it comes to their antics out on the court. They always seem to be getting into a few tussles and on Wednesday night, their rivalry reached a new high, or low depending on how you look at things. At one point, both players were locked arm in arm while the play went up the court. Embiid and Towns began shoving each other and eventually they put each other into a headlock. 

A whole fight broke out onto the court and with Towns on the ground, Ben Simmons put him in a full-on headlock. Once everything was settled by the officials, Embiid and Towns were ejected from the game and Embiid had the entire crowd riled up. It was a real sight to behold and was by far the craziest moment of the season thus far.

Once the game was over, their beef spilled over into social media where the two traded jabs at one another. With the 76ers coming away victorious, Embiid was fairly boastful about the whole thing and had some harsh words for KAT and his toughness. This led to Towns calling Embiid a bitch and he even got some disses off in his Instagram comments.

Embiid made sure to get the last word in and overall, it was pretty glorious. NBA fans were going crazy on social media last night and for good reason. It will be interesting to see if any suspensions come of this or if they will both be on their merry way.

Check out the social media exchange, below.