Joel Embiid Defended By Caron Butler After Crying On Live TV


After being eliminated by Kawhi Leonard’s last-second buzzer-beater, Joel Embiid was seen crying in the tunnel as he walked back to the team’s dressing room. If you’re a fan of Embiid and the Sixers, it was a heartbreaking moment, although if you love the Raptors and hate Embiid, it was rich to see the troll show so much emotion. Embiid was also consoled by his girlfriend in the hallway which is a moment that was also caught on camera.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with former NBA player Caron Butler who explained how it’s gotten out of hand when it comes to the media being in the players’ faces and that Embiid should have been given some space.

“That’s the crazy part about the NBA. They say that players need that time to vent so it would be great if guys were able to go to the locker room, kind of depress, let that emotional time die down and then have an opportunity to go back out there and address the media,” Butler said.

It’s obvious that Embiid was simply upset, as all players would be after having lost a seven-game series. Perhaps Embiid’s status as a master troll is why this has gotten so much attention although no matter whose side you’re on, you have to be sympathetic to Embiid’s struggle.