Joe Rogan’s Voice Replicated By A.I. With Hilarious & Disturbing Accuracy


The distant future is upon us, bringing forth technology science-fiction writers have warned us about for generations. Yet who says the voyage to dystopian chaos can’t be a hilarious romp? Today, Dessa Engineers have unveiled a new technology, which finds an AI program accurately mirroring the voice of a familiar celebrity: Joe Rogan. 

In the YouTube demonstration, Dessa explains the technology as follows:

The Engineers used artificial intelligence to recreate Joe Rogan’s voice, generating the most human-like voice synthesis to date. The audio you are listening to is 100% generated from the artificial intelligence model. The model even learned to generate breaths and mouthing sounds where it sees fit in order to make the speech sound most natural. 

They also invite fans to visit the aptly titled, challenging them to beat the AI model. If we’re not mistaken, is this not how The Matrix started? Still, we may as well enjoy what Dessa have created, which is to say, a hilarious parody of the Joe Rogan experience; the first chapter of their demonstration is particularly clever.

As of now, it’s unclear whether Joe gave his consent to be used as the proverbial guinea pig in this experience. Curiously, Dessa also make sure to mention that they do not endorse his views and opinions. Truth be told, it’s easy to imagine plenty of negative outcomes following the widespread use of this technology. In fact, not unlike the “superpower” of invisibility, pretty much all roads ultimately lead to villainy. Or, at the very least, the temptation to commit villainous acts. Sure, Joe Rogan will likely be a good sport about it, but what happens when somebody starts down the road to blackmail? On the plus side, perhaps there will be a whole new market for creating custom rap songs from the game’s hottest artist. Who needs Dr. Dre‘s Detox when you have Dre.I

What do you think of this development? Have Dessa Engineers, Hashiam Kadhim, Joseph Palermo, and Rayhane Mama stumbled upon a game-changer for the future? Or have they only served to grease up the lock to Pandora’s Box? For the curious minds, be sure to read their announcement article for a deeper glimpse into their expectations surrounding this technology.