Joe Budden Weighs In On Rory's Breakfast Club Ban


Since his departure from Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden‘s presence has been somewhat absent from the game. Now, if you want a Budden fix, the daily dose has gone the way the dodo. Now, you’ll have to settle for the weekly dosage, when the retired rapper drops f new episodes his podcast. Rewind to last week, when a veritable brouhaha popped f live on-air. Listeners were glued to their seats as DJ Envy traded barbs with Desus and Mero during their appearance on the Breakfast Club; in an interesting role reversal, twas DJ Envy seeking respect on his name.

Ultimately, the conversation made for a few viral moments, and it wasn’t long before Desus and Mero were clowning Envy on their show. In the wake the whole debacle, Budden naturally chimed in with his own sordid Breakfast Club history. When asked if he was ever destined for another appearance, Budden tweeted out that “Rory got them] banned.” For those who don’t know, Rory is one Joe’s homies and hosts the Joe Budden podcast, and generally seems like an all-around nice guy. One has to wonder what he did to merit such a harsh punishment.

On yesterday’s episode Joe’s podcast, they spoke about exactly that. Rory reveals that he originally discovered he was banned after Charlamagne called him like “yo, what did you do to DJ Envy?” Rory played ignorant, and Charlamagne claimed that he the ban was indeed in effect. Rory claimed he suspected it was something “podcast related,” but remarked that Envy hardly kept the same energy during a recent face-to-face meeting. “I didn’t say shit about his wife,” said Rory, “so I am calling hypocrite.” 

In true Budden fashion, he stepped up to play Devil’s Advocate. “I have history with DJ Envy. “Focus was on DJ Envy’s album,” reflects Joe, thinking back to the music days. “We shared the same barbers for many many years.” He proceeds to show no mercy toward his co-host. “I think he’s totally correct in banning Rory from the Breakfast Club,” says Budden. “Rory has trashed DJ Envy on this podcast a million times, along with myself and Mal.”

“He went on The View in a white jacket,” retorts Rory. “What was I supposed to do?”