Joe Budden Squares Off With Disrespectful Security Guard


Joe Budden has by no means been one to draw back from a confrontation. In reality, the outspoken host of The Joe Budden podcast has regularly stood his floor, whether or not or not it’s towards artists throwing grime on his title, or rabble-rousers harassing him within the title of Drake loyalty. Now, the rapper has taken to his Instagram story to share a latest confrontation with an unnamed safety guard, which appears to have popped off beside a hospital. While the video begins taking pictures in medias res, making it tough to discern correct context, it appears probably that the state of affairs escalated over a easy misunderstanding.

The safety guard, who Budden dubs “Wypipo,” appears to imagine Budden is a affected person within the hospital, and thus should not linger on the road. Budden, who is solely having fun with a cigarette, is having not one of the man’s tone, and stands his floor accordingly. Eventually, a supervisor-type enters the dialogue, asking Budden if he has a wrist-band. Budden replies with an adamant “no,” explaining that he was initially met with less-than-respectful power. “Had this not been a hospital, one thing completely different might need occurred,” he says, whereas the safety guard seethes. “Good factor it did not,” retorts the guard. “For you,” says Joe, by no means one to overlook out on the final phrase.

Be certain to take a look at the video of the confrontation beneath.