Joe Budden Offers Up Some Theories Behind Drake's Subliminal Shots at Kanye West on 'Scorpion'


Joe Budden has been a fan Drake's work throughout his career, though their relationship seemed to go awry when Budden was critical Drake's 2016 Views album. Budden's response led to a heated battle on wax, in which the New Jersey native fired f three consecutive diss tracks aimed at Drizzy. 

During the most recent episode his podcast, Budden threw out some interesting conspiracy theories regarding how Pusha T obtained the content behind his Drake diss track “The Story Adidon” and meticulously deciphered several subliminal disses from Drake peppered throughout Scorpion. 

Drake alluded to a recent trip where he helped contribute to Kanye West's album on “Duppy Freestyle.” Drizzy's ficial photographer, Theo Skudra, also posted photos the Wyoming landscape back in March, sparking rumors that Drake made his way to Wyoming. Drake ended up notching a writing credit on ye's “Yikes.” With all that said, Budden believes when Kanye originally linked up with Drake, the 6 God possibly let Yeezy hear some what he had in store for Scorpion.

“I think that Drake probably let Kanye hear a good amount what he was working on, because that’s what artists do. I think that this is while his June date is announced. He never said June-what, he always just said 'June,'” Joe began. “I think he then left Kanye, and I think when he went back to Kanye, there was a whole bunch people around. I think when he went back to Kanye, Kanye had his whole June rollout planned.”

He added: “I think that everything Kanye has done in the past month with that bullshit was totally centered around whatever information he got from Drake before he departed. I think when Drake left the second time, that’s when a diss record came out — Drake’s 'Duppy Freestyle.'”

The former Everyday Struggle co-host then pieced together that the first verse on “Emotionless” was probably originally connected to the second verse on “8 Out 10.” “He bodies this flip the word 'good' throughout this whole song. So much so, if you're not really paying attention you think he's just using the word good — he ain't. Owls are a sign good luck, correct? What I think he's saying is they're switching camps,” Budden suggested.

Check out Joe Budden's review  Drake's Scorpion in its entirety below.