Joaquin Phoenix’s "Joker" Movie Officially Secures "R" Rating


When it was announced that Joaquin Phoenix would be starring in a Joker film, many were immediately wary of the potential pitfalls. For one, DC Comics has a dubious cinematic track record to say the least; though Joker was confirmed to be removed from the failed DCEU, not everyone was capable of wiping the slate clean so easily. In addition to that, concerns about the film’s rating were raised, with many dreading a PG-13. Luckily, director Todd Phillips has confirmed that Joker will indeed be rated-R, which bodes well for fans seeking a darker form of escapism. 

Sharing an image of the upcoming film, many fans slid into the comments to inquire about the rating. The onslaught prompted a response from Phillips himself, who wrote “it will be Rated R. I’ve been asked this a lot. Just assumed people knew.” The news prompted a subsequent burst of celebratory glee, and rightfully so. The official trailer was always promising enough, and the idea that we’ll be granted a feast of violence, swearing, and possibly even nudity bodes well for us devious Joker fans. 

Look for Joaquin Pheonix and Todd Phillip’s Joker to hit theaters on October 4th. Are you excited for this?