Jimmy Kimmel Quips "Fergie Tried To Ruin The Song"


Jimmy Kimmel has curiously been at the center things before. You might recall the Moonshine botch job at the Oscars and his clean-up antics shortly thereafter. Late night hosts regularly tow the line between riding someone’s ass and kissing it.

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During Fergie’s performance the anthem, live tv captured Jimmy Kimmel holding his laughter. He took a moment on his show to address the misperception, what could be heard or seen as cruel or derisive. 

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For Jimmy is wise to keep his specs in order. He quipped that he had lost his composure because he was trying to work in the lyrics “my hump my lovely little lumps.” His love for the Star Spangled Banner notwithstanding, he added that Fergie need not apologize for sensualizing the song, inferring that “It sounded like she was intentionally trying to ruin the song.”