Jim Jones Can't Believe Mariah Carey Mentioned Dipset In Her Memoir


Mariah Carey released her highly anticipated memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey last month, which dove into the private life of the famous chanteuse. While Eminem didn’t get the mention he allegedly feared, it turns out Jim Jones did (but it was a good one).

The Dipset vet celebrated the mention with an Instagram post on Monday (October 12) alongside a snippet of the relevant chapter. The text reads in part, “…it was Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana…we’d been hanging out all night—clubbing, cocktails — and we ended up back at my place…”

He wrote in the caption, “When u get mentions in @mariahcarey new book wow @mr_camron we always talk bout them nights especially when we was stuck in aspen Christmas Eve and snuck in th airport to get home on time for Christmas. Young n havin fun #DIPSET wait till th movie.”

While Jones was clearly happy about the namedrop, Carey’s book reportedly caused a stressful moment for Slim Shady. In July, a source told Us Weekly, “Eminem’s Achilles heel has always been Mariah Carey. They had a very toxic relationship. He knows that Mariah is going to say very negative things about him. He is expecting the onslaught, and almost welcomes it.

“Marshall is stressed out that Mariah is going to say shit that he was bad in bed or a selfish lover because he has always been very insecure about that. She knows that.”

But Eminem already admitted he “ejaculated prematurely” during his tryst with the pop singer in the 2009 diss track “The Warning.”

“Listen, girly, surely you don’t want me to talk,” he spit. “About how I nutted early ’cause I ejaculated prematurely/And bust all over your belly and you almost started hurling/And said I was gross, go get a towel, your stomach’s curling/Or maybe you do, but if I’m embarrassin’ me/I’m embarrassin’ you and don’t you dare say it isn’t true.”

As far as being left out of Carey’s book, she told Vulture, “There’s some songs that I can sing in response to that, but I will not do it. If somebody or something didn’t pertain to the actual meaning of Mariah Carey, as is the title, then they aren’t in the book.”

The Meaning of Mariah Carey is on stands (or online) now.