Jim Jones Accuses L.A. Fitness for Racial Profiling


Jim Jones is known for posting daily workout videos on his Instagram page, but recently he shared a video him having a terrible day at L.A. Fitness.

The Dipset member accused the popular fitness chain racially priling him after they refused to let use a USB port to charge his photo.

According to Jones, who says he a four-year member the gym, an employee was rude to him when he asked if could plug his phone into one their computer's USB ports.

"She told me very nasty that] she not letting me use the] computer to charge my phone and that] I was a simple person," he wrote. "Sheesh! I held my composer though went back to workin out another manager came up to me askin if I wanted to talk about wht happen."

"I said no he need to talk to his employees about how they treat customers that] just want to charge they phone," he wrote. "So as I'm leavin out I wave bye] to both the] mangers at the] same time and she lies and tell the] manager] I gave her the] middle finger but I was waving at both them and the] mangers all saw me waving," he continued. "Then proceeds to ask me if I gave her the] middle finger when he just watch me wave by to the] both them, then they threatened to kick me out and get me terminated.

I did not make u work at la fitness u chose that] urself so the] least U could do is be helpful and courteous to all ur customers no matter color race what] clothes there wearing weather u like rap or country music it's the] gym we just lifting weights," he added. "It's no science class and it's not Fort Knox it's the] gym a place people go to get in-tune wit] there mind, body n soul wit no interruptions especially not from the] staff they suppose to b as helpful as possible as people try to better there health."

Despite the unfortunate incident, Jones was able to get his workout in, but he is clearly upset about the situation.

Reps for L.A. Fitness have yet to address Jim Jones' grievances. Check out his complaint above.