Jim Carrey Mocks Donald Trump In Absurd New Portrait


Jim Carrey is widely known as a brilliant comedian with an arsenal television and cinematic productions that attest to his far-reaching talents. However, the Ace Ventura star has some more traditional artistic skills, which he has been showcasing recently on Twitter. 

Carrey must have been inspired by Time‘s “Donald Trump after hours” piece, which details the Commander in Chief’s affinity for dessert, as he apparently indulges in two scoops ice cream after dinner. The actor/artist took this intimate detail and used it to create a particularly unforgettable portrait the current POTUS. 

The image appears to be rendered with markers, giving it a child-like appearance. Trump is seen wearing a bathrobe, an article clothing he once denied ever owning, while rubbing his one exposed nipple. Carrey shared his composition on Twitter; peep the image below:

In the tweet, Carrey tags the National Portrait Gallery in hopes the institution displaying this absurd portrait amongst more dignified representations previous presidents. His most recent artwork is another in a growing lineage erratic yet amusing representations America’s most polarizing figure. Carrey once depicted Trump as the “Wicked Witch the West Wing,” in obvious ode to The Wizard Oz

The comedian also posted an image Donald Trump Jr. and Eric, who are both hunting enthusiasts, being impaled by an elephant’s tusks as a form revenge.