Jim Carrey Intense "Dark Crimes" Trailer Debuts


It’s been quite awhile since Jim Carrey has played a leading role. In fact, 2014’s Dumb and Dumber To was the last time the legendary comedian decided to take on a leading role. Leaving the laughs behind, Carrey is back in a dark crime thriller that looks like it will have viewers at the edge their seats. 

Carrey’s latest film, Dark Crimes, finds the actor playing the role an obsessive police ficer. Greek film director Alexandros Avranas helms the project. Carrey plays Tadek, a detective who realizes that an unsolved sexually motivated murder bears an uncanny resemblance to a novel by author Krystov Kozlow. Kozlow is played by Marton Csokas, who is most famous for his roles in Lord Of The Rings (a new LotR book is due out this year), and XXX. Tadek attempts to connect Kozlow to the murder, which he believes the author confesses about in his novel.  His investigation leads him to Kozlow’s girlfriend, who is a sex club worker played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. The obsession only grows and Tadek becomes entangled with Kozlow and his girlfriend, leading the detective on what looks like a haunting and suspenseful thrill ride. 

Check out the new trailer for Dark Crimes below.