Jessica Alba’s Twitter Hacked & Littered With Racist & Homophobic Tweets


Hackers and trolls on social media live to destroy lives and careers. In 2019, where political correctness is standard, even a simple tweet could derail a career. We’ve seen it happen with James Gunn and almost to Kevin Hart as well.  If you were scrolling down your Twitter feed early Sunday (July 28) morning or late Saturday night, you may have run into some troubling tweets from Jessica Alba. The moment I saw the tweets it was obvious the veteran actress’ account had been hacked. There was no possible way the language that was being displayed on her page could have been her doing. According to TMZit wasn’t. 

Alba’s Twitter was hacked, and the perpetrator sent out several tweets between midnight and around 1AM PT. The tweets were filled with racist and homophobic language, as well as disparaging comments pertaining to handicapped individuals. It was disgusting.   

It was around 1AM PT that Alba’s team became aware of that hack and took control back from the petty poster. Although they did scrub Alba’s page, thousands of screenshots had already been taken. There hasn’t been any word from Alba about the infiltration, but an explanation is hardly needed at this point.