Jermaine Dupri Co-Signs 21 Savage's Business Acumen


Thom Yorke once stressed the importance “investments and deals.” 21 Savage has come to the same conclusion. The young rapper recently swore f jewelry in order to better invest his substantial cash flow. TMZ recently caught up with songwriter-Hall-Of-Fame inductee Jermaine Dupri to discuss 21’s emerging business acumen. JD was all love; after all, the So-So Def legend is no stranger to lucrative investments. He proceeds to drop f a few jewels wisdom free charge.

“This industry is like school,” says JD. “People get in it, they don’t know much about it…once they get in it, they learn. Everybody should evolve, I think. That’s what 21 is doing…He’s probably seeing money he never saw before…If you get an opportunity to get in this game and you start working and you poppin like 21, course you should do what he’s doing.”

Evidently, 21 Savage’s budding fiscal responsibility has caught flak from one DJ Akademiks. The self-made media mogul seemed to take issue with the apparent dissonance in 21’s image; why would a man make wise investments when he can simply murder people on wax? Ak’s public blasting the Saint Laurent Don drew the ire business-minded Nipsey Hussle, who went so far as to suggest an act violence may befall the Everyday Struggle host. Seems like Jermaine Dupri has opted to take a more diplomatic route in this case. 

For more wisdom from JD, peep the video courtesy  TMZ.