Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Gives Moving Performance Of Queen’s ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ On ‘American Idol’


When American Idol contestant Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon auditioned for the latest season of the show, he revealed that his parents were initially unsupportive when he came out to them as gay. “The consensus seemed to be that this is not a path that I should follow,” he said.

But now, Harmon showed that that has changed. On Sunday night’s episode (April 28), Harmon’s parents came to watch their son perform, and he certainly didn’t disappoint. It was Queen week on Idol, and Harmon chose the much-loved deep cut “Who Wants to Live Forever" to perform in front of his parents for the very first time. 

While the star planned on appearing onstage with his guitar for the song, celebrity mentor and current Queen frontman Adam Lambert advised him not to. Instead, Harmon took to the stage for the powerful-yet-somber number sans guitar, simply letting his impeccable vocals speak for themselves. When the song was over, Harmon’s parents were on their feet, cheering for their son’s excellent performance, his mom even blowing her son a big kiss.

Judge Katy Perry commended Harmon on his performance, along with acknowledging his parents in the audience. “You really embodied the spirit of Freddie Mercury with that performance,” she said. “It was so beautiful, and it was so beautiful seeing you perform in front of your parents for the first time…to see your parents come out here and support you and accept you and know it’s a ‘come as you are’ situation. God bless all three of you.”

The other judges concurred with Perry, with Lionel Richie adding that there was something invaluable about Harmon’s voice and stage presence. “You are really doing something powerful,” he said. “Your voice is something to be reckoned with, I’m telling you I am very proud of you…and the best time to do it is in front of your parents.”

Tune in to tonight’s episode of American Idol to see if the star keeps his spot for the Top 6, and check out Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s full performance of Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” below: