Jennifer Lopez Gets Interviewed by Her Twins, Talks First Crush, Childhood & More: Watch


Jennifer Lopez shared a new 10-minute vlog called “Twin Talk" on Monday (April 29).

In the video, the Puerto Rican singer and actress sits down with her 11-year-old twins Emme and Max for a fun Q&A session. “I'm going to try something a little bit different today,” Lopez says. “I always get asked, mostly, the same questions. So I decided that it would be fun if I let Emme and Max ask me some questions.”

JLo’s son and daughter hesitate at first, then begin dropping all sorts of questions. “What’s the most trouble you got when you were my age?” asks Max. “I used to get in trouble all the time,” Lopez replies, admitting that even though she was a good kid, she liked to sneak out of the house.

Emme, on the other hand, wants to know if she is the favorite child. “I don’t believe in favorites. I love you both so much,” Lopez says. She later specifies that her favorite things about her son are his sense of humor, his big vocabulary, and his big heart. What she loves about her daughter are her joyful demeanor, artistic qualities, and singing voice.

Watch the adorable clip below.