Jennifer Lopez Get Confronted By Screaming Animal Rights Activists: Watch


PETA is not known for its subtlety. The animal activist group will descend upon anyone at any given time, in an attempt to fight for what they believe are animal rights. Jennifer Lopez was the latest celebrity to be hounded by screaming PETA members at a premiere for her movie. JLo was attending the Toronto Film Festival on Saturday to promote her new movie Hustlers. The film is based on a group of strippers who hustle, or steal, money from wealthy clients. While I’m sure the plot gets deeper than that, but that’s pretty much all I discerned from the trailers. Cardi B makes an appearance in the trailer, which is odd since she once admitted to doing almost the same thing during her days as a dancer. 

While JLo was doing her Red Carpet walk for Hustlers, angry PETA members screamed at her from the crowd. Although JLo did her best to ignore them, you can see she was definitely well aware of the words being spewed at her. “Stop wearing fur!,” and “Shame on Jennifer Lopez” cries rang through the air while signs saying that JLo “hates animals” were flown. JLo does her best to keep it moving, but these PETA members got their 15 minutes of shine. While I highly doubt their chants will stop JLo from dressing as she pleases, it was worth a try. Watch the video of PETA hounding JLo here