Jennifer Lopez Embarks on a Cash-Hungry Cruise Through Las Vegas With 'Dinero' Vertical Watch


As explained in the lyrics her latest single, Jennifer Lopez is on the hunt for the green, money and cash flow -- lucky for her, she's in the right place to find it. The pop star hopped on the vertical video train Tuesday (June 12) with the release a selfie-style visual for "Dinero," her club-ready collaboration with DJ Khaled and Cardi B.

Much the clip feels like an extended Instagram Story a luxurious vacation in which Lopez takes the lead on filming. She cruises in a fancy convertible as she lip-syncs along to the Latin-trap bop, and we're not sure there could be a better backdrop than the flashing lights the Las Vegas Strip.

"Dinero," released in May, marks Lopez's fourth single 2018. The vertical video follows the ficial widescreen version from two weeks prior, which saw Lopez, Cardi and Khaled ball out in glitzy digs as well.

Selfie videos aside, Lopez has been spending plenty time in Vegas lately for another run at her All I Have residency, set to complete in September.

See the vertical version "Dinero" below: