Jenna Dewan Says Dancing in Mandy Moore's 1999 'So Real' Music Video Was the 'Biggest Deal': Watch


Actress/singer Mandy Moore and dancer Jenna Dewan stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday (July 30) to reminisce about their time as cheerleaders and the day that they first met twenty years ago.

Dewan and Moore met each other at one Moore's early music video shoots. "Back in the day, I used to sing. I don't know if many people know that," the This Is Us star laughed. "It was a song called 'So Real' that was like a single in Australia or something." It was on the set the video that Moore met Dewan, who at the time was one her biggest fans. 

"Funny enough, this was like the biggest deal in the world to me," Dewan said. "I called my family, I was like, 'I'm doing a Mandy Moore video.' It was like this huge production," the dancer added.

Dewan and Moore expressed that it was a tough video to shoot, because they filmed at night. "I was a cranky crabapple," said Moore. "I was overly excited, I danced way too hard the entire time," added Dewan, who has, course, also performed with Janet Jackson for Rhythm Nation.

Dewan then opened up about her time dancing with Jackson early in her career, and having to learn all the pop star's iconic choreography. "It was the hardest dance I have ever done," she said, demonstrating for host James Corden, who also gave it a shot.

And the dance tutorials didn't stop there. Corden dug up some throwback photos Dewan and Moore during their days as cheerleaders, and the two stars revealed that they had very different experiences while on their respective squads. Moore said that although she loved cheerleading, she "wasn't the most physically adept," but she did bust out some impressive moves from her old cheering routine in her stilettos.

Dewan then told Corden that she "didn't enjoy it." "In Texas, it's very serious. We are competitive, national, you know, very hardcore, which I didn't like because I was a flier, which is the one that gets thrown up. It's a lot pressure. if your falls stunt you're the one blamed."

Check out Dewan and Moore's appearance on Corden below.