Jenelle Evans’ 911 Call After Finding Suspicious Powder Surfaces


A few weeks ago, Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason were in the news after Eason shot and killed their family dog. The incident led to Child Protective Services getting involved, prompting an investigation and ruling that their household was not suitable for children to grow up in. Evans’ three kids were taken away from her and she no longer has physical custody of them. The Teen Mom star has been spending lots of time in court with her husband as they try to get back the kids and recently, they were in for a scare when they got back to their home and checked the mail. A letter was in their mailbox with a suspicious powder and now, the 911 call that Evans made after finding it is available online.

Jenelle Evans' 911 Call After Finding Suspicious Powder Surfaces
Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Jenelle Evans called the police to check what kind of powder was sent to her. She noted on the phone that she has no clue what kind of substance it could be but that she wanted an officer to come and check. On the phone, Jenelle says that her husband opened the envelope and powder went all over the place. The return address listed on the package was from Brunswick County Clerk, which made it seem like an important message. Evans said that Eason was spooked about the suspicious powder, saying that he “stripped completely” in the middle of the road out of fear.

Listen to the call below. Are you keeping up with all that’s going on with Jenelle Evans?