Jemaine Clement Recalls the Time He Tried to Photobomb ‘Moana’ Fans and Failed Miserably On ‘Tonight Show’


Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement, who some may know as the voice behind the crab Tamatoa in Disney’s animated film Moana, returned to The Tonight Show on Wednesday night (March 21). The multifaceted artist shared a hilarious story about the time he tried to photobomb Moana fans at Comic Con, with disappointing results.

The New Zealand native began the interview by talking about the first time he came on the show five years ago, and how he couldn’t catch on to host Jimmy Fallon setting him up to tell a "funny anecdote."

“When I was [on] the show, I did not know you were setting me up to tell my funny story,” he admitted as Fallon and the audience laughed. “You were asking me questions and I was going, ‘Yeah, that’s true.’ You were like, ‘And any funny stories that happened around that time?’ 'Not that I can remember.'”

Fallon also complimented the comedian on his work in 2016's Moana, as an evil crab who notably sings a song called "Shiny." Fallon asked if people come up to Clement to ask him about the role, to which Clement cheekily responded, “Because I don’t look like a crab, they don’t really know.”

Clement then recalled one instance when he visited ComicCon to promote his upcoming mockumentary, What We Do in the Shadows, and how he stumbled upon two people dressed as Maui (Dwayne Johnson's Moana character) and the island goddess Te Fiti.

“I thought, I’m gonna give these guys a bit of a thrill,” he said. “They were taking a selfie and I just slid in there.”

He went on to say that they gave him a confused look, and he had to explain that he’s the voice of Tamatoa. “And they were like, ‘You mean, you can do an impression?’” he said to a laughing studio audience.

Check out the full clip of Clement’s interview on The Tonight Show below.