Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Fires Several Executive Staff Members: Report


Roc Nation’s been growing as a company over the years. After launching as a record label, it expanded into different avenues including film, television, sports, and philanthropy. Roc Nation has a massive roster of artists and athletes that are under their wing. However, it appears as though there’s some changes happening at the top levels of office.

Jay-Z's Roc Nation Fires Several Executive Staff Members: Report
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images 

According to Billboard, Roc Nation Records has fired numerous high-level executives. Those who’ve been let go from their positions include Senior VP Promotion Azim Rashid, Senior VP A&R Orlando McGhee, marketing executive Gita Williams, and senior director publicity, Fairley McCask. It’s unsure what prompted them to be released from their positions at this point.

Roc Nation’s decision to fire senior-level executives comes shortly after the former president of the label, Benny Pough, left the company. In March, it was reported that he left Roc Nation after serving as the president for a year and a half. It’s unsure if there’s any connection between the two. 

Aside from letting go of the label’s executives, Roc Nation, along with Jay-Z, were sued by a former boxer they managed. Daniel Franco accused the company of carelessly making him fight three times in less than eighty days which he claims resulted in severe neurological damage. The injury put him in a coma for a few weeks and now, he’s forced to wear a helmet at all times to protect his brain.