Jay-Z Gets Hounded For Including Meghan Trainor In NFL Social Justice Movement


Jay-Z has faced a choir of backlash ever since he and the NFL announced their joint partnership. Although high profile co-signs from Diddy, T.I., and many others have helped quell the all-out madness, Jay can’t seem to make a move without the masses getting irritated. Yesterday, we reported that Jay-Z and the NFL had selected Meek Mill, Rapsody, and Meghan Trainor for their Inspire Change concert series. The concert will take place at the NFL Kickoff Experience presented by EA Sports Madden NFL ’20 on September 5 in Chicago at Grant Park.

The backlash on Twitter came in hot the moment the masses realized Trainor would be included in the concert. Opinions on the social media platform ranged from flat out hatred for Trainor to jabs at Jay-Z’s position in the Black community. “It was only a matter of time the NFL would decide to monetize social justice through T-shirts and Meghan Trainor songs,” wrote one user. “White people did it with the blues, they did it with Jazz, they did it with rap, and now they’re doing it with outrage over black males murdered by the police.”

To be fair, Jay included Meek Mill, the best candidate for social justice. He also grabbed Rapsody, one of the most powerful female voices in the hip-hop game right now (and wildly underrated if I may add). It appears that although Jay made two amazing choices, the masses can’t let go of the fact that a pop star will be joining them. What do you think about the concert?