Jay-Z Embraces Jet Ski Meme On "Lion King" Soundtrack


Jay-Z keeps a very low profile for the most part but that only means that paparazzi are constantly trying to get candid shots of the rapper living his life. He’s far from the average citizen which means that when he does regular things, they manage to become meme-worthy. Whether it’s riding a bike or diving into a pool, he’s managed to create some of the internet’s finest humor. That being said, he’s well aware that everyone’s made fun of his jet ski meme.

Lion King just released their new soundtrack which also serves as Beyonce‘s seventh studio album. The project includes appearances from the movie’s stars — Childish Gambino, James Earl Jones, etc. — but it also features appearances from some of the hottest artists in Africa as well as Bey’s husband, Jay-Z. Beyonce, Jay, and Childish Gambino linked up on “MOOD 4EVA” where HOV makes reference to his infamous jet ski meme. “Helmet, on a jetski, you know the vibes,” he raps. “Hit my head, forget I’m me, oh my God.”

In other Jay-Z related news, the rapper recently announced his partnership with Cannabis company Caliva as their new brand strategist. Considering the rise in legalization, it seems like Jay-Z’s about to cash out on the cannabis industry in the coming years. As hip-hop’s first billionaire, we expect nothing less of him.