Jay Z Continues To Dodge Testimony After Not Showing Up In Federal Court


It shouldn’t even be surprising at this point, but Jay Z has once again failed to show up to testify in court after being subpoenaed not once, but three different times. 

The subpoenas were in response to an investigation being conducted by the Security and Exchange Commission over a purchase $200 million worth Rocawear assets by Iconix Brand Group Inc. back in 2007. 

According to CNBC, the judge presiding over the case, Judge Paul Gardephe, is tired having to deal with Jay Z constantly ditching his summons, saying, “This testimony has been delayed for five months and I do not intend to tolerate any more delays.”

Jay Z has continually tried to get out his summons, citing the fact that he and Beyonce are about to embark on a massive tour together, and that it would be impossible for him to find the time to deliver his testimony, though he did find the time to attend a hearing arguing why he shouldn’t be compelled to testify at all.

Jay Z has yet to set any further dates that he might be available to deliver his testimony.

While Jay Z isn’t under any sort criminal investigation, himself, after dodging three different court dates, one could start to make a few assumptions as to whether he has something to hide. At this point Jay, it might just be easier to get your testimony out the way and then put your full attention into practicing for the upcoming tour.