Jay-Z & Beyonce Look Regal In Newly Surfaced Jamaica Photos


Rumours an upcoming musical duet were set in motion as Jay-Z and Beyonce have been photographed on a production set in Kingston, Jamaica. The couple seem to be using the shoot as a 'working vacation.' The local buzz hasn't gone unnoticed as photographs have been snapped by bystanders occupying their regular spot. With the expediency social networking, these photos have surfaced near the top  the pile. We're never far from the crash site, or so it seems.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are seen here in their best outfits since landing in JA, Jigga man looking every bit the part Frank Lucas in American Gangster, his cufflink game on point, her plunging neckline possibly stealing the show. They manage summery colours without dropping out contention for the evening gala. 

The On the Run II World Tour is set to kick f in June, starting with some dates in the United Kingdom, 35 in total. Bey and Jay fans marvelled at the high ticket prices, those who bit the bullet were rewarded a 6 month trial Tidal. We'll have to wait and see what they pull out their hats next.