Jay Electronica Songs Surface Online, Including The Erykah Badu-Inspired "Hey 19"


Four previously unheard Jay Electronica songs have been unearthed, thanks to a crate digger that wishes to remain anonymous. The unreleased material is tagged rather analogously as “Unknown Track” one-through-four. For the sake of clarity, I won’t distinguish one from the other, but there is some information floating about. The last of the leaks (in the order they appear in the link below) has been properly identified as “Hey 19,” a song that Jay Electronica once performed in concert his ex-partner Erykah Badu.

Jay Electronica Songs Surface Online, Including The Erykah Badu-Inspired "Hey 19"

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Just this week, Jay Electronica’s go-to engineer Mike Chav sat down with DJ Booth, to discuss among other things, the gutted Act II project, as well as the percentage/ratio for all leaked materials – which figures to be in the 70th percentile. Admittedly, his engineer Mike Chav treats the subject of Jay’s many postponements as if it were the sweetest taboo. 

“Most artists don’t even listen to their music after it’s done. There’s a window where your interest is in it, and once that’s gone, you’re not going to go back and finish it,” Mike Chav told DJ Booth. “So I get it, the window passed for that.”

As for Jay’s leaks, you can follow the link (down below) if you’re so inclined. Bear in mind, these are age-old documents of interest to his cult following. If you’ve ever written, or composed music, you’ll empathize with Jay Electronica’s inability or unwillingness to break a stalemate position – especially when the music is based on the ephemerality of human emotion.