Jason Aldean Announces New Album ‘9,’ Drops a Whopping Four Tracks: Listen


Jason Aldean will release his forthcoming ninth studio album, fittingly titled 9, on Nov. 22. Following his announcement today (Sept. 9), the singer also dropped four new songs off the project.

“Early on I always thought if we ever got to make nine albums, I’m going to call it 9,” Aldean says in a statement. “It was my baseball number growing up, and it’s just kind of always been my lucky number. I remember cutting the first album and thinking 'that’s forever away,' and now here we are. I don’t know, it’s really special we made it this far — so, it’s more for me than anybody else — but, it means a lot." 

Aldean’s anthemic new single “We Back” leads the project with scorching electric guitars, an ear-grabbing beat and his distinct vocals. “Blame It On You,” meanwhile, has the singer reflecting at the end of a relationship. As he sings of the difficulty in saying goodbye, he realizes he can’t blame it on his ex.  

“When I came into country music and made my mark, it was with a banger,” Aldean adds, before discussing his new single. “We haven’t put out a lot of that stuff over the last couple years. So we got this song and to me it just says what it says: ‘Thought we were gone, but you’re wrong — now it’s on.’”

Additionally, “Keeping It Small Town” has Aldean proud of the way he grew up while “I Don’t Drink Anymore” pairs Aldean’s emotive vocals with soaring pedal steel as he laments of heartbreak after a woman left him because of his drinking.

9 follows 2018’s Rearview Town. Listen to Aldean’s four new tracks below.