Jamie Foxx Walks Off ESPN Interview When Asked About Katie Holmes


Before taking the court at this year’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Friday night, Jamie Foxx was interviewed by Michael Smith on SportsCenter, but its safe to say the interview didn’t go as planned. Earlier in the week, Jamie was spotted carrying a basketball with his actress girlfriend Katie Holmes on Valentines Day, alluding to them playing some hoops, and when Michael Smith brought that topic up, Foxx wasn’t having it.

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“Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball on Valentines Day? Like some Real Love & Basketball?,” Michael Smith asked Foxx, who then simply took f his headset and walked f the set with a half-ass smile on his face. “Uh-oh, did we lose him?” Smith says in confusion.

It’s unclear why Foxx was angered by the question, since the photo him and Holmes has been all over the internet the past two days, and its not a big deal, but Foxx took fense to it.

Shortly after the on-air awkwardness went down, a fan tweeted out to Michael Smith, “I don’t think Jamie Foxx liked the Katie Holmes question,” to which Smith replied “Ya think.”

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Check out Jamie’s angry, walk-f moment (below) and let us know what you think. Did Jamie overreact to the question or does he have a right to be that pissed? We’ll keep you posted if he addresses it at all moving forward.