Jamie Foxx Reveals Inside Scoop On Ezekiel Elliott’s Cowboys Holdout


Dallas Cowboys fans have been sweating recently thanks to the contract situations going down with players like Dak Prescott and more importantly, Ezekiel Elliott. As of right now, Elliott is holding out from training camp and is refusing to report there until he gets the money he wants. The issue with Zeke’s holdout is that running backs aren’t valued like they used to be and the Cowboys are worried that he could go into a steep decline after being paid by the team. 

As we go deeper into the preseason, Elliott’s holdout becomes more and more concerning although team owner Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to be in too much of a rush to really do anything about it. While this is concerning for Cowboys fans, they should rest assured that things will get better soon as Jamie Foxx recently told TMZ about how a deal is going to be in place in the near future.

“I got the word, I got the underlying word,” Foxx explained. “That it’s all the way, all the deals are being worked out. Look out, baby!”

Foxx isn’t exactly a journalist although he has been spotted at their practices in the past and seems to know some people within the organization. If Foxx’s report happens to be true, then perhaps the Cowboys won’t be a mess this season after all.