Jamie Foxx Lets Singer Sela Vave Move In With Him: Report


According to multiple reports, Jamie Foxx‘s new young “friend” Sela Vave has moved in with him. However, he insists it’s all business related.

Rumors of a romance between the two started last weekend after the couple were spotted in LA holding hands while leaving a nightclub. Then the next day reports surfaced saying Jamie had split with his long time girlfriend Katie Holmes months prior. Now single, Jamie is reportedly working with Sela Vave, and now she’s staying at his house.

Foxx confirmed that she was in residence, but insisted he is just helping to launch her music career. “When I met Ed Sheeran, I didn’t know him from Adam,” Foxx said. “He slept on my couch for six weeks. Nick Cannon was 13 years old, he used to sleep at my old house … everybody come to my crib.” Foxx continues, “I did the same thing with her … We took her under our wing … We wanted to treat her the same way and give her the opportunity.” He called speculation about a romance with Vave a “double standard.”

“I spoke to that girl’s mom and she put her trust in me,” Foxx added. “We don’t ever cross lines like that, personal. I wanted to let you know, for all who were scandal chasing, that’s our artist, that’s our family … We are working.”

What do you think? Is Jamie telling the truth here and just working or nah?