Jamie Foxx Asks Kanye West To Call Him, Shames TMZ For Interview


Like many us, Jamie Foxx is concerned over Kanye West’s recent behavior, and he’s not happy with TMZ for encouraging Kanye to come on their show and embarrass himself. 

In a video obtained by, ironically, TMZ, Foxx is seen standing behind the DJ booth at Employees Only, a bar in West Hollywood. As the music plays, it stops intermittently for Foxx to speak his opinion on Kanye’s actions, and the controversial TMZ interview.

“TMZ knows they shouldn’t be doing that shit man,” says Foxx. “To a good friend ours. They put that boy on display man, don’t believe that shit.”

Kanye and Foxx are longtime collaborators and responsible for some Kanye’s biggest hits, including College Dropout‘s “Slow Jamz,” and Late Registration‘s “Gold Digger.” Needless to say that he wouldn’t be excited to see his friend made a fool like that.

“My man going through something, man,” Foxx continues. “I ain’t going to be like everybody jumping on the bandwagon saying I hate my dude. I’m not gonna do that shit. I know my man needs some help and if you need me call me.”

He finishes f my loudly exclaiming, “Stop making stupid people famous!” While he doesn’t mention who exactly he’s talking about, but one could definitely make some educated guesses. 

Is Foxx right that TMZ exploited Kanye by putting him on display for their show, or should Kanye have known better than to go on TMZ in the first place? Check the video Jamie Foxx below.