James Harden Wins "Smacking" Lawsuit Against Photographer: Report


Basketball players can be some of the biggest celebrities in the world so it’s no surprise that photographers and the paparazzi are constantly trying to get videos and photos of them. On May 13th, 2016, that’s exactly what happened to James Harden as he was approached by David Flores outside of a lounge in Hollywood. Flores claims that Harden actually “angrily smacked” his hand which led to a broken finger. At first, Flores told authorities that he had a video of the whole thing but admitted it was doctored. Despite not having the original video, he decided to sue Harden anyway, citing negligence, assault, and battery. 

James Harden Wins "Smacking" Lawsuit Against Photographer: Report

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Harden refused to settle with Flores and the whole lawsuit ended up going to trial by jury. Just recently, it was revealed that the jury sided with Harden, saying he did not intend to injure Flores. This means that the lawsuit has finally come to an end and Harden won’t have to give up any of his hard earned cash. Flores will now have to walk away with nothing, which isn’t exactly surprising considering the circumstances.

While Harden could easily afford to pay the man, it’s good to see Harden stick by his principles and see the whole thing through until the very end.