James Harden Responds To The Haters Who Say He Always Travels


James Harden is one of the best players in the NBA thanks to his offensive talents that saw him win the NBA MVP trophy back in 2018. Harden was a finalist for the MVP award again this year and ended up losing to Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. Despite Harden’s abilities, he has been heavily criticized for his step-back jumper and the fact that he appears to be traveling when he does it.

Harden was recently speaking at an event and spoke about his playing style which has been emulated by younger players. The Rockets superstar is honored that young people are taking a liking to how he plays and when it comes to the haters, he’s not too worried.

“That’s when you’re doing something right, right? Then you have the haters who talk about ‘Is that a travel?’ ‘Is that too many steps?’ or, ‘Why is he wearing this? He doesn’t look right.’ That’s just the haters. That’s when you know you’re doing something right when you’ve got people talking about you,” Harden explained. “I let the haters keep talking.”

Afterward, Harden spoke about the Rockets and what they need to do next season in order to get over the hump. As Harden explained, all the team has to do is stay healthy and they’ll be fine.