James Graham Wins 'The Four' Season Two: Watch His Finale Performances


Someone must’ve told James Graham to go big or go home prior to the finale The Four: Battle for Stardom on Thursday (Aug. 2). The 21-year-old went home victorious after a series ambitious song choices that proved how a risk can pay f.

He kicked f the night with his take on the Michael Jackson classic “Rock With You” and even mimicked the King Pop’s wardrobe from head to toe. He admitted later that he got f to a shaky start (“Diddy ripped me to pieces, really,” he said in a post-show interview) and Sharaya J took the crown in this face-f. It seems the negative feedback did more to inspire than to deter, as Graham dug his heels in for the rest the episode.

He may have been a fan-favorite, but he did not win without a fight. Earlier in the season, he was dethroned by the teenage phenom Leah Jenea. When the time came for their long-anticipated rematch, Graham showed f his chops with a rendition Adele’s smash-hit “Hello” that blew the rest the competition out the water and earned him his redemption.

The final battle was neck-and-neck as Sharaya J performed her original track “Say Less” against Graham’s version Coldplay’s “Fix You.” The cover was an instant-hit among the audience members — especially judge Meghan Trainor, who was enthusiastically supporting the British pop star all night.

Graham was speechless about his own victory, explaining, “I’m in complete shock. I don’t even remember on stage what happened.” He’s excited, to say the least, and ready “to become the biggest male superstar in the industry.”

Watch the highlights from the episode below.