James Franco Addresses Sexual Misconduct Rumors On Colbert's "Late Show"


James Franco recently came away as one the big winners from this year’s Golden Globes, taking home a Best Actor title for his performance in The Disaster Artist. However, his experience at the awards show was marred somewhat by the allegations lobbed in his direction by various actresses on Twitter, who accused him sexually inappropriate behavior in a work environment. Last night, James Franco addressed these accusations on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show and seemed to deny any wrongdoing.

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I say seemed because his response lacked a certain amount conviction in parts. He stated that he had no idea what Ally Sheedy, the famed 80’s teen actress, was talking about when she said (in a since-deleted tweet), “Why is James Franco allowed in?” Further to that, he called the other allegations against him on Twitter “inaccurate,” but also admits that he hadn’t read them in detail or responded to them in any direct way.

Perhaps the most interesting line the entire interview clip came towards the end, when Franco claimed that, “If there is restitution to be made, I will make it.” This implies that, if any the allegations were true (which, according to him, they’re not), he wouldn’t be able to live comfortably unless he atoned for whatever sins he had committed in the past. It sounds like a vague response to be sure, but the frank nature Colbert’s questioning seems to have elicited an honest answer from Franco.

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What do you think? Was the actor’s response an acceptable one or does he need to do more? Let us know in the comments.