James Corden Joins Backstreet Boys & Performs In Las Vegas Residency: Watch


Things did not go well in the latest edition “Take a Break.”

Late Late Show host James Corden rocked his body right when he joined the Backstreet Boys for one night in the latest edition "Take a Break."

In the bit that aired on Tuesday night (July 24), Corden made a trip to Las Vegas provide the "tired" band members some relief. The wannabe pop star host asked the man band's members to close their eyes and take a secret vote to bump one them out the lineup for the night. After some push back, Corden convinced them to dump Brian Littrell for the night.

In typical Corden fashion, James instantly took over the entire show by changing the choreography to the performance during rehearsal, putting himself front and center for the show, and suggesting the other band members "disappear for the rest the song."

At show time, donning all white, Corden took his place on the stage and definitely gave it his all in a "Larger Than Life" performance, but then refused to go on because he didn't have the stamina to continue for the next 22 songs.

Watch the full bit below.