James Barker Band Ring In Summer with Feel-Good ‘There’s a Drink For That’ Exclusive


James Barker Band are gearing up for summer with new music and a feel-good video for “There's a Drink For That,” which Billboard is premiering below.

“There's a Drink For That” is one of seven new songs featured on the Canadian group’s new EP, Singles Only, out today (May 24). Written by Barker, Travis Wood and Gavin Slate, the upbeat tune tells the listener that there’s always a good excuse to crack open a cold one. Hand snapped rhythms, sunny guitar parts and a sing-along chorus make “There's a Drink For That” the ideal song for the live setting.

“'There's a Drink For That' definitely felt like a return to that summery sound we tried to capture with our first release, Lawn Chair Lazy,” Barker tells Billboard. “We had a lot of fun shooting the video for this one. Now that we have a handful of music videos under our belt, it’s all pretty relaxed and a lot more enjoyable for us. For ‘There’s a Drink For That,’ we wanted to find an entertaining way to make it seem okay for people to drink, which is really what the song is about. I ended up spending pretty much the whole day driving an ice-cream truck, so I think that’s a win in itself!"

While Barker may have spent the day driving an ice-cream truck, the video has a twist. After haggling down the price of the vehicle from a used car salesman, the guys stock the truck up with every type of liquor to the delight of locals as they drive around town.

James Barker Band are making a name for themselves in Canada, as well as the U.S. and abroad, thanks to their steady touring and memorable songs. The group recently played the C2C: Country 2 Country Festival and were nominated for the Country Music Association’s global country artist of the year.

Check out the "There's a Drink For That" video below.