Jameela Jamil Criticizes Abortion Ban And Defends Her Own


Those who follow actress Jameela Jamil on Twitter know that the star does not hold back whatsoever when it comes to sharing her political stance and opinions on a whole range of topics. Aside from starring on NBC’s “The Good Place,” the 33-year-old is best known for being an outspoken activist, often weighing in on issues from sex and consent, to the Kardashians’ flat tummy tea promotions

The latest (and disappointing) news sees the state of Alabama pushing forward one of the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion regulations, with the State Senate offering a near-total ban on abortion by pushing bill HB 314, a law which would get doctors up to 99 years in jail for performing abortions. So it’s no surprise that Jamil has joined the chorus of those speaking out against the highly restrictive bill, taking to Twitter on Monday to post a string of passionate tweets criticizing Georgia’s “heartbeat bill,” (the bill that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed into last week, banning abortions after doctors are able to detect a “fetal heartbeat in the womb,”) and revealing she had an abortion, a choice she says she does not regret whatsoever.

Jamil is only one of many taking part in the national debate that involves a newly reconstituted Supreme Court attempting to pass increasingly strict bans on abortion – the ban passed by the Alabama Senate is so severe it doesn’t even make exceptions for victims of rape or incest – and whats saddening to hear is that states including Mississippi, Kentucky, and Ohio have also passed the “heartbeat” law. “Truly disgusting,” the star tweets. 

But hey, opinions are like ass holes right? And everyone certainly seems to have one when it comes to Jamil’s stance, with fellow activists praising her for using her platform to “destigmatize conversations around abortion,” and others expressing their anger on the matter.  One person identifying themselves as a “kid in foster care,” tweeted, “[I] would rather be where [I] am right here with my foster family rather than being aborted and not being able to love. to live. to meet new people and to grow.” “So glad my birth mother wasn’t you,” another person said, adding the hashtag “#adopted.”

What’s your stance on the matter?