Jalen Rose Explains Why LeBron James & KD Left His NFL Fantasy League


Football season is almost upon us which means fans all throughout the world will be creating their very own fantasy football leagues. Fantasy sports have surged in popularity this decade and fans can get pretty obsessive about the league they're playing in. Usually, people are playing for bragging rights in the art of randomly picking good players and hoping they actually play well for you. High profile NBA athletes also like to get in on the fantasy football fun and according to Jalen Rose, he has a league of his own with some pretty high-profile names.

During a recent episode of Get Up!, Rose talked about how his league used to consist of people like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, although they eventually both left. James left because just a few years ago, he finished in last place, while KD left because he "got upset" about something, which is an incredibly Durant thing to do.

Rose also divulged that some other big names are in the league such as Maverick Carter and Draymond Green. The winner of the league gets $10,000 so the stakes are obviously pretty high. The NBA analyst even said he has the first pick in the draft this year and is hoping to get himself a running back.

Fantasy drafts will be happening quite soon so if you're playing this season, be sure to do your research so your team can be the best it can possibly be.