Jalen Ramsey Granted Leave Of Absence Following Trade Rumors: Report


Jalen Ramsey has made it abundantly clear over the last week or so that he doesn’t want to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars anymore. The team has been fairly weak this season and Ramsey feels as though upper management has been disrespectful to him. When Ramsey first made his request, it seemed like the team was interested in making a trade although they quickly decided to keep him against his wishes. Once that news was released, Ramsey reported that he had the flu and was even suffering from back and hamstring problems.

Now, Ramsey will be leaving the team entirely as the Jaguars revealed he wants to go back home for the birth of his second child. The Jaguars issued a statement last night with head coach Doug Marrone explaining the decision. 

“Months ago in the offseason, Jalen notified me that he was expecting the birth of his second child in late September,” Marrone said. “We spoke about this recently and again (Wednesday) after practice and decided that it was best for Jalen to fly to Nashville tonight after meetings to be with his family during the birth of their daughter.”

There is no timetable for Ramsey’s return although the team claims he will be back as soon as he’s ready to. While this may be the case, some fans are already taking it as a sign that he wants to be traded immediately and will do anything to make it happen. Perhaps we could be seeing the Antonio Brown situation all over again.