Jake Gyllenhaal Teases Mysterio’s Mysterious Moral Alignment


Mysterio has become a beloved villain within the greater Marvel rogues-gallery, particularly thanks to his iconic costume and “fishbowl chic” aesthetic. While some interpretations have imagined Mysterio as a second-tier baddie thwarted easily by Spider-Man, others like the legendary “Old Man Logan” graphic novel have utilized his mastery of illusions to catastrophic effect. Therefore, when Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed a Mysterio fighting for the side of good, many fans responded by raising a cautious eyebrow. 

Jake Gyllenhaal Teases Mysterio's Mysterious Moral Alignment

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Today, “Mysterio” actor Jake Gyllenhaal opened up to Empire magazine about his character’s mysterious moral alignment. Though Jake continues to play things close to the chest, he does tease an ambiguity more in line with popular depictions of the character. “Villain or hero, I don’t think that’s how you can define him,” explains Jake, likely keeping a watchful eye out for Disney snipers in the neighboring shrubbery.

Director Jon Watts piggybacked off the Mysterio question, explaining part of the rationale behind a more “heroic” take. Explaining “went with Mysterio being a hero” because they “thought [it] would really surprise people.” He also states that “having the power of Marvel behind you means that you can make those crazy swaps,” though he does acknowledge there may be more to the story than meets the eye. In any case, Jake Gyllenhaal is a genuine talent, and should bring plenty of nuance to the role. Are you excited to see this one unfold?