Jagwar Twin Celebrates ‘Shared Humanity’ in ‘Loser’ Exclusive


Jagwar Twin has unveiled the potent visual for his breakout single "Loser" on Tuesday (Nov. 5), premiering exclusively with Billboard

Directed by visual artist Fabien Montique and creative director Drew Villani, the clip depicts a group of teenagers taking off on a road trip in a beat-up, old car, interspersed with cutaways to the shirtless artist (born Roy English) delivering the song's chanting refrain.

"Television on your frame/ Everybody's all the same/ I'm a loser baby, just like you/ I got sunshine in my mind/ Wake up and I'm feelin' fine/ I got sunshine in my mind/ Wake up and I say/ Baby I'm a loser, yeah, yeah, yeah/ Just like you/ Just like you," Jagwar Twin sings backed by an off-key children's choir as the teens, all clad in matching white t-shirts and baggy jeans, head for the woods -- jumping in a lake and setting their car on fire.

"Fabien Montique and Drew Villani consistently put out art that inspires, makes you think, and that spreads the kind of messages the world needs right now," English tells Billboard. "For this video, they really went deep with me on the path we all take to recognize that we are all programed by the world around us to feel like losers about the very things we should pride ourselves in. If we all deprogram ourselves, we can come together and find spirit in our shared humanity. We're all losers, after all."

"Loser" is the lead single from Jagwar Twin's debut album, Subject to Flooding, which also features lead single "Long Time Coming." Most recently, the singer-songwriter wrapped tours supporting both Avril Lavigne and Lovelytheband. Subject to Flooding is out now Atlantic Records. 

Check out the exclusive premiere of "Loser" below.