Jaden Smith Takes "SYRE" On The Road For "Vision Tour"


2017 was an incredibly successful year for the young polymath, Jaden Smith. His album SYRE was well-received, his MSFTS brand continues to expand, and his bottled water company is looking to enter new markets. To amplify his artistic pursuits, Jaden announced the “Vision Tour”.

With a poster reminisceint Kid Cudi‘s Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ cover, Jaden highlights 15 cities he will be visiting on his “North American Journey”. The tour dates are predominantly in America but makes stops in Vancouver and Toronto. The poster also includes a small caption, “This space is purposely left blank for special guests” indicating he’ll be taking some friends on the road with him. The tour shouldn’t be taken at face value, considering Jaden’s love for the visual arts. We can expect something unique in the “Vision Tour.”

Jaden was recently in the news for his candid interview with Complex. He touched upon his different ventures from music to fashion to Just Water. As the “Vision Tour” is about to begin, his bottled water company is also making a big move. Starting this month, they will be aiming to get flavored water out to the public.