Jaden Smith On Social Media: "Even If You Have No Followers On Instagram, You Have Power."


After performing with his father, Will Smith on the Coachella stage last month, as well as announcing his role as a young Kanye in the upcoming Omniverse series, The “Icon” rapper shares his thoughts on Social media with Flaunt Magazine. The young star – who has an impressive 12.1 million followers on Instagram – thinks the photo-sharing website is a great platform to give people power but he doesn’t believe that you need to have millions of followers in order to harness that power.

“I will say Instagram is power. It just matters who wields it and how they wield it – cause even if you have no followers on Instagram, you have power,” he said. “If you can monitor what every single person in the world is doing it doesn’t matter who you are … that’s power …you can use that information in all different types of ways.” He continued his clarification with, “it just depends, who are you monitoring? Who do you spend your time watching?” before going on to admit, “I like to monitor what Elon Musk is doing. What he wears. What he does. Where he goes. Who he talks to. Who he monitors. Who’s important to him? Who does he follow? How often does he post? His lifestyle. His jokes. His friends …”

“What’s Bill Gates doing?” he continues, “what’s Jeff Bezos doing? Where are you guys?” Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son is well known, and often ridiculed, for asking deep and introspective questions (which seems to be the case here), and he previously confessed that he had cut down his social media usage after getting “criticised on a major level” for his posts and multiple thought-provoking (and sometimes, confusing) questions.

The singer said: “It gets to a point where you have so many followers that you can’t really post things like a normal person without getting criticized on a major level on everything that you post. I’ve cut it down to a place where on Instagram I just don’t post unless there’s something really going on in my life.”