Jadakiss & Joe Budden Discuss The Industry’s Games And Politics


Joe Budden‘s Pull Up series has released a new episode, featuring none other than the legendary Jadakiss. While the conversation is interesting throughout, it really kicks off when the pair get deep into the industry talk. Budden marvels that Def Jam, at least from an outsider’s perspective, looks to remain in a state of disarray. “I got signed in 01, 02,” reflects Budden. “We’re talking seventeen years later.”

Jada acknowledges the craziness of the situation before breaking down some of his rationale in signing a Def Jam deal in the first place. “I think I think too much, I do a lot of extra excessive thinking that makes me nervous,” admits Jada. “I came off of Interscope, which probably was a big mistake. I went over there when Jay was in office, I signed with Roc-a-Fella, Def Jam. It felt good, I did alright numbers. The budget was cool. But I had a feeling [Jay] was going to leave.”

Jadakiss & Joe Budden Discuss The Industry's Games And Politics

Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images

“I did good when Hov was there,” he reflects. “I did good when LA Reid was there. LA never told me no. LA opened the floodgates for Jay.” Budden, a noted LA Reid hater, chimes in. “I’m alone in my disdain for LA Reid, because all the artists have that story.” Jadakiss laughs. “He gave the bag away! He used to give that money up. I got love for LA.” He proceeds to lament the rise of some of the smaller players, which inadvertently led to an elaborate industry web, and a tangled one at that.

When he lost his friend and business partner Icepick Jay, Jada found himself facing label executives without a buffer. Budden proceeds to ask if he ever felt the meetings were a useless formality, prompting a notable frustration from Jada. “For the most part, we already know, when we hand them the music and play it, and get a little strategy for it, and go on tour and sell a little merch…All of the meetings sometimes spoil the relationship.” 

“Me and the Lox, we’re cut and dry,” says Jada. “Say what it is, look each other in the eye, both handle our thing. I guess you gotta play the game…I don’t know what the game is.” Should you enjoy a little bit of industry talk, from two men with vastly different experiences with said industry, this is a much watch. Check the full episode of Pull Up below, and respect to Jadakiss and Joe for keeping it a buck throughout.