Jacob Moore Is The First Male To Accuse Larry Nassar Of Sexual Abuse


Of the 200 plus female gymnasts who were sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar the first male has come forward to share that he too was a victim the disgraced national team doctor. Eighteen-year-old Jacob Moore tells Today that he hopes Larry “rots in hell” for his disgusting actions. 

Jacob explains to the publication that during an acupuncture treatment Larry positioned a needle near his pubic area to expose his penis. Another one Larry’s victims was in the room at the time and Larry asked her if she had ever seen a penis before. “I wasn’t a dumb kid. I knew, kind , what medical practices were, and that one was out the ordinary,” he says. “Coming out the treatment, I felt very uncomfortable.”

Jacob is the brother  Kamerin Moore who was also sexually abused by Larry. Kamerin included her brother’s name in her abuse statement. 

“Me and my sister shouldn’t be able to relate over the fact that we’ve both been abused,” he adds. “That’s just really sickening to me that he would violate a trust like that, and the things that he did were just awful.”

Larry has pleaded guilty to abusing seven the hundreds victims. He has been sentenced to 175 years in prison.