Jackboy & Lil Mosey Show How They 'Enjoy Every Dolla' With New Reel Goats-Directed Music Video


Jackboy has unleashed a new video for “Enjoy Every Dolla” featuring Lil Mosey, which comes from his most recent project, Love Me While I’m Here. 

In the Reel Goats-directed visual, the duo lives up to the song’s title with a lavish display of their wealth. They enjoy fishing with $100 bills before taking the fun back to a house filled with bikini-clad women. There’s no dollar wasted as they show how they’re enjoying every piece of money they made by making it rain and more.

Jackboy opens the track with a reflection on his newfound wealth rapping, “She attracted to n-ggas gettin’ that money, yeah/No mo’ fifties and twenties, talkin’ blue hunnids, yeah/I done came up from nothin’, made it out the gutter, yeah/Soon as I got me a lil’ somethin’, I made it double, yeah.”


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Mosey takes the reins from his friend and raps about the riches he’s accumulated over the years with rhymes such as, “New Dior that came out yesterday, you know I copped that (Cop)/When I was broke, I used to get that where the licks at (Brr)/Free my bro, yeah, he just got criznack (Crack)/Twenty-some years, I’m finna get that n-gga big racks.”

Jackboy is enjoying every dollar he’s made and seemingly doing it the right way. Last December, instead of spending nearly half a million dollars on himself, Jackboy opted for a greater item, gifting his mother a brand new home, paid off completely.

“I Was About To Buy A Richard Mille But Instead I Bought My Mom A House,” he wrote on Instagram. “Paid In Full My Life A Movie.”


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